Urge Senator Nellie Pou to #FixtheUnfairness

Senator Nellie Pou (LD35) refuses to publicly support legislation to make health care more affordable and provide ESP Job Justice.

We must send Senator Nellie Pou a message that it is unacceptable to turn her back on the public employees of New Jersey.  

Meet the Candidates Forum

April 2, 2019

The first ever EAP Meet the Candidates Forum was held on April 2nd at School #6. The candidates were invited to share their views on the future of the EAP and how their visions can best support the sustained growth of the Association. It was an informative and engaging opportunity for both members and candidates. […]

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Working Through the Weekend

March 4, 2019

EAP members worked over the weekend while attending NJEA’s Winter Leadership Conference. Our members and colleagues took part in workshops on Friday March 1st and Saturday March 2nd to develop their advocacy skills. To cap off a stimulating weekend, members Robin Holcombe, Carolyn McKinney-Croix, Megan King, Glenda Branch-McDowell, Ethel Boggan, Anny Espinal, Dolores Flores, Sandra […]

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Passaic County Day of Action

February 5, 2019

EAP members show up in unity with fellow NJEA members in a show of resolve for Chapter 78 relief and job justice for ESP members. Members arrived in their red, sporting their NJEA scarves, to call for relief from unsustainable health care contributions for members and to support fair treatment for ESPs. 

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NJEA comes to MLK School #6 for World Cafe!!

January 11, 2019

Members participating in the World Cafe held on Thursday, January 11 at MLK School #6.  Visit our home page for additional opportunities to learn about the bargaining process and share your needs and concerns.

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PCEA Children’s Halloween Brunch in October.

October 31, 2018

A few of the EAP Members at the PCEA Children’s Halloween Brunch in October.

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