Who We Are

The Education Association of Passaic (EAP) is a professional education association. We are afflilated with the Passaic County Education Associations, Inc., (PCEA), the New Jersey Education (NJEA), and the National Education Association (NEA).  We have approximately 1,600 members including teachers, nurses, librarians, school psychologists, social workers, learning disability specialists, counselors, paraprofessionals, security personnel, attendance officers and parent liaisons.

Our Vision

To provide our members with the optimal environment to be successful.


Our Mission

The mission of the Education Association of Passaic is to enhance, uphold and protect the association's  and members' rights, interests, and beliefs by providing

  • a safe and healthy work environment
  • the best terms and conditions of employment
  • professional, personal, and social opportunities
  • representation to the county, state and national associations
  • recognition of our work throughout the schools and community
  • education to the community regarding its responsibility to children
  • the identification and support of pro-education candidates

Our Office

Elena Pinto, is our office secretary/manager. The most important factor in keeping our office working, Elena is responsible for everything from answering the phones and sending out fliers, to registering workshop participants and keeping the office well supplied and equipment in tip top shape. We couldn't live without her!

Our office is located at 124 Gregory Ave, Suite 302, Passaic, New Jersey. The building is situated on the corner of Gregory and Pennington Avenues. The parking lot is behind the building, with its entrance on Pennington Ave, a one way street. To reach the parking lot, the best bet is to take Prospect Street to the end, turn right onto Pennington, and then turn right into the parking lot. (Prospect Street is the street with the fountain on it.)

The office is on the third floor. If you come in from the parking lot, the elevator is down the hall and on the right.

Need to call us? We can be reached at 973-777-1970.  The office is open from 9:00 to 5:00 and you may leave a message on the voice mail at any time!

Have something you'd like us to see? You can fax us at 973-614-8550.