Blood Bank

Chairperson - Joe Becker

Schedules blood drives and maintains membership of the EAP Blood Bank.


Chairperson - Stephanie Natera

Proposes the budget for the Association each year. 


Co-Chairpersons - Beverly Carey(Social Media) & Megan King(Website)

Keeps the general membership informed of Association actions and business.


Co-Chairpersons - Theodore Graham & Jeff Dhuyvetter

Plans and oversees all EAP elections.

Families and Schools Together (FAST)

Chairperson - Sheila Woodson

Works to encourage families to be involved in their children's education.

Health and Worksite Safety (Working Conditions)

Chairperson - Rich McWilliams

Observes, documents, and reports health and safety violations.


Chairperson - Juan Izaguirre

Provides refreshments for Representative Council Meetings.

PCEA Representative Council (County)

Chairperson - Beverly Carey

Represents members and the interest of the EAP at the county level.

Professional Rights and Responsibilities (Grievance)

Chairperson - Carolyn McKinney-Croix

Prepares and processes grievances and assures that all are filed in accordance with the Agreement.


Chairperson - Vacancy

Informs members of proposed and/or enacted legislation related to member welfare.


Chairperson - Marcella Drumright

Organizes and conducts membership enrollment.


Chairperson - Karen Cawthern

Develops programs and workshops to promote organizational, professional, personal, and social growth for members and the Association.

Public Relations/PRIDE

Chairperson - Selina Lawson

Develops a public understanding of the purposes of the Association. 

Read Across America

Chairperson - Megan King

Promotes NEA's Read Across America program.


Co-Chairpersons - Beverly Carey & Selina Lawson

Organizes social activities to serve the members of the Association.